Collection: AURELIE A

Aurélie developed very early, along with her father, a visionary architect, a special sensitivity for the Arts. Her work reflects a world, a society in its multiplicity with a sometimes militant look at the societal role of women. A subject of fashion, that frees itself from the limits in which society has long encapsulated it. An environment fully part of the artist through a course of mannequin initiated while she was very young. Her work is a timely recycling exercise that gives a new life to a press destined for oblivion. Universes, where the work never ceases to try to leave the frame, form a three-dimensional narration made from a blend of focus. Mille-feuille of stories where each image opens onto a singular emotion. Her « narrative wall art » creations are paths staked by the artist, letting them guess their secrets to who knows how to pierce them.