AURELIE A - Summer Vibes

AURELIE A - Summer Vibes

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Technique: Mixed Media collage

Edition: Unique Artwork

Certificate: signed artwork 

Size: 74 x 48 x 4 cm

Information: Aurélie developed a particular sensitivity to the arts at an early age, alongside her father Roger Anger, a visionary architect. Model from an early age, her creations free her from the stereotypes in which society has long confined her.

Her artistic work began several years ago with the meticulous recycling of women's magazines destined for oblivion. Her narrative wall art reflects a multiplicity of universes, often with a militant eye on the place of women in our society. Today, her narrative wall art is scattered across a number of private collections.

Aurélie has recently turned to new horizons, her creations now consisting of a subtle blend of two universes that were never meant to meet. A brilliant alchemy where playfulness and luxury merge into a single object, the better to sublimate each other. Withan unexpected approach, she hijacks this cult object belonging to our collective memory, placing it at the service of a new style, intelligent beauty... another dimension has appeared... at the crossroads.

Two worlds that were never destined to meet, but which in the end have much in common. We remember the artist's words on this particular work: "My initial training as a stylist taught me that when you create a collection, it's always accompanied by a collection plan.

In the same way, in a game, you have a strategy with different possible combinations. This is also the case in fashion and luxury goods. Pieces combine to form a coherent, intelligent whole. Every season is a new challenge. Will we win, will we lose? As in this allegory, it all depends on the on the strength of strategy and the thousand possible combinations, to see the birth of the legendary cube at the risk of having to put everything back into play. 

About the collage 

Stretched out on the sand of California, surrounded by surfers, bathed in the rock and roll atmosphere emanating from a Volkswagen combi, she tans. In the shade of the palm trees, she is refreshed with multi-colored ice cream. While waiting to curl up in the arms of her reckless surfer, she catches the glimpse of a reflection of the sun in her golden glasses.
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