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TUD TOY - Punk Me Tender duck

TUD TOY - Punk Me Tender duck

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Technique: ABS & PP plastic, water print

Size: 90 cm

Weight: 7.5 kg

Gift box: 55 cm x 63,5 cm x 103 cm ~18,5 kg

Edition: limited edition of 350

Date: 2023

Certificate of authenticity: provided Via in-built NFC-tag

Information about the artwork:

The “PunkMeTender” duck is a forever youthful rebel — a seeker of freedom and independence, navigating a world free from boundaries and stereotypes. With all its strengths and weaknesses laid bare, it presents itself raw and undone, possessing the heart of a wild child who never ceases to dream. This collaboration goes beyond mere toys. It represents the convergence of two robust life philosophies, brought to life in a tangible collectible art piece. The “TUD x PunkMeTender” is available only in size L, with a limited quantity of 350 ducks. Each toy is distinguished by a unique serial number located on the back of its head. Sized at L (90 cm), it transforms into a complete collectible art object, seamlessly fitting into any space and interior.

Information about the artist:

The TUD Company is a company based in Dubai, designing, producing, promoting & distributing limited collectible art toy — The Ugly Duck (TUD).

Our collectible characters are the fresh bold air in the toy art industry at the intersection of art and interior design, fueled by passion and beauty.

The TUD image encapsulates the narratives of those born as ugly ducklings—devoid of capital or power but possessing immense potential to change the world.

We are:

● Confident yet hungry

● Individual yet collaborative

● Bold yet respectful

● Friendly yet classy

● Ambitious yet humble

● Straightforward yet warm

TUD is not only a perfect addition to your art collection but also an excellent way to start one.

The TUD is the perfect addition to the interior of your apartment, office, or house. Its bright and memorable look will undoubtedly capture the attention of you and your guests.

TUD is a unique gift for someone who shares our philosophy of boldness, growth, and freedom.

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