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ODART - Guilty of Loving

ODART - Guilty of Loving

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Technique: Acrylic Paint, Gold Leaf, Resin

Edition: Unique artwork 

Dimensions : 116 x 89 cm 
125 x 95 cm with frame 

Information : Born in 1982, on the shores of Europe's most beautiful harbor, ODart draws its inspiration from the constant wonder and analysis of a world in perpetual mutation."The world is a poem in the eyes of a child", said Marengo. The combination of the initials of his name naturally forms his pseudonym, "ODart", like an ode to life and joy! Self-taught, he abandons his costumes and conventions to immerse himself in a world that has fascinated him from an early age.
Passionate about cinema, sports, pop culture, geopolitics and travel, he allows himself nothing. A new world opens up to him in the light of a musical ode that plays on his creations. So ODart sets out to transcribe his universe with the ink of his eyes, to spread unique emotions through his work. From the lightness of a sketch, to the realization of canvases, ODart draws his fantasy from a multiple life path and from this permanent need to create infinitely and without limits.

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