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EDOUARD M - Fossil bag

EDOUARD M - Fossil bag

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Collapse Project 

Technique: Fossil sculpture with Saint Leu Stone

Dimensions: 55 x 29 x 10cm -

Weight: about 15 kg

Edition: unique piece 

Information: For two years now, Edouard has been working on the theme of the "COLLAPSE" collapse and is presenting his raw stone sculptures for the first time in 2020. Luxury objects or objects of everyday life, fossilized, they marked the generations of the society, from hyper-consumerism and throwaway to its climax.

The ecological danger and the social emergency are perhaps not fantasies. What if our civilization collapsed tomorrow? What if we were ourselves the actors of our own extinction?

Edouard presents his Fossil Sculptures, his Artistic vision of collapse. Luxury or everyday life objects, fossilized. They marked the generations of society, of hyper-consumerism and throwaway to its climax. These fossils are a trace of this materialistic civilization where the object acquired a sacred dimension, where the image and the appearance became its only essences.

During the reign of Louis XIV, when classical architecture arrived, the stone of Saint Leu was used to build the most beautiful monuments in Paris and its region (Palais du Louvre, Château de Versailles, Palais Bourbon, Invalides and many others). The stone of Saint Leu is extracted in open pit quarries in the Oise. It is a limestone rock from the Paris region. 

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