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WINNIE D - Blue Eiffel Tower Paris

WINNIE D - Blue Eiffel Tower Paris

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Technique: Photography and light Box

Dimensions: 35 x 45 cm 

Certificate: A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist is issued

Information: Winnie is a Danish photographer born in 1938. She is one of the most acclaimed photographers of her long career.

One day she was asked by UNESCO to take pictures of World Heritage Sites. Since then, her main interests became architecture, museums, historic sites, and urban landscapes.

Winnie’s technique is quite special. She assembles her photographs with leds, making meticulous light boxes. To make the boxes so special, the LEDs are placed in very precise places by hand. A work of craftsmanship that only insiders can appreciate. The manufacture of a single box light can take several weeks, due to the meticulousness of the work on the light which must reproduce the vision of the artist.

Winnie moved to New York in 1975, when her photos were published in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Elle.Her voyage to also gave rise to her first photographic book, published under the title "The Library of Nation USA "3. The artist's first published works include "Women's wear Daily" and "House and Gardens".

In 1986, for the Eiffel Tower's centenary, the lighting design was entrusted to her friend Pierre Bideau. From then on, the photographer devoted a decade to the project, publishing three books featuring photos of the Iron Lady of Paris. It would be impossible to take these photos today, due to security measures.During this period, Winnie collaborated extensively with Françoise Sagan, who wrote the preface to the artist's book dedicated to the Eiffel Tower, giving it the title "La sentinelle de Paris" ("The Sentinel of Paris").

In 1992, Winnie takes wonderful photographs of the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg. The photos become so famous that the Museum asked to showcase her photos. This exhibition has been permanent since 1992.

Today, Winnie is the author of 6 books and more than a hundred exhibitions around the world.

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