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Technique: Hand carved Museum Acrylglas and neon -stainless steel 

Edition: unique piece 

Information: “Creating is about stimulating new ideas and finding ways to articulate them. This is the reason why I am often inspired by architecture, science, design, technology, music, film, photography, poetry and of course, Nature. I embrace and consider each of these as sources of inspirations and various expressions of Art forms. This process allows me to pull out of conformity while naturally remaining close to the fundamentals of organic flow. I do not intend to fit into any categories, style , fashion, modes and trend and love to be free to do whatever I feel as long as it is in accordance with my vision and my honest and genuine feelings.”

Claudia is a Swiss Artist and visual Art creator who expresses her creativity through two distinct and converging visual Art fields,  one being Contemporary Fine Art and the other being “Industrial” Art inspired by new realism. Early on Claudia Meyer trained as a graphic designer at Hochschule für Gestltung and Kunst in Luzern, and spent a year in Stuttgart, Germany where she made the acquaintance of Anton Stankowski, the grand master of the German design with whom she had the opportunity to work with as a graphic artist. Later on, she moved to New York City where she acquired a silk-screen printing major and received several prizes while studiying fabric design and modern technologie at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. Since then she has been focusing full time on creating contemporary Art using technology, mixed media materials and nature as her main source of inspiration. Claudia Meyers unique and original artwork is exhibited in carefully selected Art Galleries, Public and Private Institutions, Corporate and Private collections, Art Fairs, as well as being commissioned for public and private venues.

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