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CALI - Silver Peace 2019

CALI - Silver Peace 2019

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Technique : Mixture, mirror, 3D elements, plastic guns and bullets 

Size: 110 x 110 cm

Weight: about 25kg

Date : 2019

Edition: unique piece

Certificate : Artwork signed, also comes with authenticity certificate 

Information about the artist: Curious, stunned by the strong influence of the powerful of this world and the violence that surrounds her, Cali cannot resist the urge to draw the history of men:

From the Italian Quattrocento, to Woodstock, passing through the Factory and then the barricades of the cultural revolutions, the Artist thirsts to share this heritage with us. With its language, its involvement and its ordinary techniques such as the use of the newspaper and the BIC, it denounces the setbacks of a manipulative and narcissistic society, a lullaby of illusions.

By appropriating these freeze frames, these faces caught one day on the spot, these characters, these stagings, she questions, titillates our opinions and shakes up our consciences. Toys, lead soldiers and other symbols, gleaned here and there from the souks and flea markets, come to denounce the absurdities of this troubled world. Thus immortalized on the canvas, they re-inhabit our children's souls, a time when our thought was pure and unpolluted. The Butterfly, naturally imposed itself as a symbol of metamorphosis for the Artist, and accompanies him, flying from one work to another, reminding us of our visceral need for Freedom, and for change.

Dreaming of a world where future generations would not be trapped in this gigantic dupe market, she points to the ravages of social networks and leaves us face to face with the web:What if it was high time to regain control of your destiny and your freedom? To rediscover our being, wise...sovereign?

 Information about the Artwork: Using her Bic, the French artist Cali takes this little girl to another, more harmonious planet. A nod to the fires that ravaged Australia in 2019, the kangaroo will be on the trip. the big idea is the communication: the planets attached by strings are the symbol of hope that we can make any world a better place if we see it through the Child innocence: a positive and encouraging view that longs to be heard."

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