ALX - Mona Lisa

ALX - Mona Lisa

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Technique: Optical art made of plexiglass 
Dimension: 80 x 100 cm
Edition: limited edition of 8 
Information: Alx is a self-taught French artist who has been imagining, inventing and creating since childhood.

His appetite for discovery and sharing with others quickly led him to art, which allowed him to combine two of his passions: creation and reflection, which feed his imagination. Sensitive to the aesthetics of form and movement, he naturally turned to optical art, which inspires him. His preferred artistic medium is Plexiglas, a material that brings his innovative ideas to life. Alx stands out for his technique of creating paintings that play cleverly with perspective. He draws his themes from the past and the present. He is particularly fond of portraits of icons, film characters and all the things that marked his childhood. He creates worlds by giving life to volumes and shapes. Each work begins with a specific shape in the foreground, then surprises by revealing a more complex image in the background. His art is both captivating and emotional, telling visual stories that encourage the viewer to look beyond the surface. Slice is the name he gives to his work.These slices are spaces that reveal parts of the painting. They appear and disappear as the viewer moves. Movement is an important element in the way we perceive the work as a whole. The intensity and direction of the light also play a part in the kinetic effect.

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