Collection: MIKA N.

Autodidact, Mika was standed out for his incredible dexterity in handling letters to form living works. His art is trying to mix text and shapes to give life to the profound works that alternate reading of the work, text and shape.

The colors can be bright or sober. Faces appear in this series of words and shapes. Effective combinations disrupts the retina that vacillates between text and image."Mika is for me more than an artist's pseudonym, it's a moult. Not a name change but an extension, an evolution, an unveiling. My work is the extension of this transformation, the revelation of what I am deep within me, of what I think, my perception of the world and my transcription of it. Not only what we see but also what we don't see. I love that an overview turns into a microscopic world when I bring my paintings together. My job as an artist is to make the imperceptible perceptible through my sensitivity and through words. To make concordant, which seems contradictory. To make the imagination and creativity tangible."

Mika for his work on color and words, deconstructs and decomposes the faces, animals or objects to give a movement, and always surprise the eye of the "reader" to each work's vision will be different, and rediscovers every time. The shapes and volumes are born color and text. This mixture provides its works expressiveness, strength and a striking portrait, animals or objects of the treatment.In its own way, its own Mika remakes the human face, animals or objects in each of his paintings. The words are introduced to the media as dancing on a partition. His energy gives each key the intensity of a sound vibration. Words are music keys, dissonant and noisy like life. But in the space of the painting, they harmonize in a unique stamp to each of the faces, animals or objects , gives his soul. Graphics that change over time, the letters are "signs" that reflect and influence the human psyche that draws them. This slow alchemy that governs relations between deep thought of the man and his favorite means of expression, drawing, played an undeniable role in view of the creation of the Universe and its evolution. The letter would be the base material of both the material universe as the immaterial universe. In many traditions, we find these close links between research and mystical calligraphy.