Collection: LILY

Paintings and interior panels are all original works crated by Lily, those are made without any exception of high-quality materials and original Swarovski crystals. All works are delivered with the artist's signature and stamp and are protected by a copyright.
Each piece presented on the website is unique, as is the technique which is used by the artist. Unparalleled in the world, Lily’s art style is a one of luxury. Combined with the brilliance of gold, Swarovski crystals and zirconium inlays. The gilding with gold leaf’s transforms every work in a piece of jewelry. With those you not only get a one-of-a-kind picture for your interior, you also get a truly exclusive work of art.
In the gallery of our website you can find a lot of paintings for any interior and every style. You will find modern pieces which will enhance your premises with exclusive wall panels, modular paintings, oil paintings, gold paintings, paintings with Swarovski crystals, voluminous panels and many other original and unique works created by Lily.