Collection: JIMMIE M.

Jimmie is an established luxury brand and artits , designer since 2004, based in London, United Kingdom. The duo, Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar are known for their hand painted pieces of furniture. They are best known for transforming pieces of furniture into unique one-off pieces that become personal to clients.


When the globally proclaimed ‘Queen of Pop’ needs a throne dazzling enough to capture the attention of more than 100 million viewers worldwide, she knew exactly where to go. Jimmie didn’t hesitate when they were asked to design her the spectacular, avant-garde chariot-cum-podium-cum-throne, upon which Madonna entered the Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, for the Super-Bowl XLVI yesterday evening.Featuring a black polished walkway and gilded poles raised above two sphinx’ dripping in black Swarovski crystals, this one of a kind Egyptian inspired work of art would make Cleopatra green with envy.
Behind the seat of the throne were the tall and unmistakable initials M.D.N.A (the title and feature track of Madonna’s next album) scrawled in Jimmie's signature graffiti script. This piece of work has a place in history as both an impactful yet harmonious collaboration between the Queen of Pop – Madonna, and award-winning London based design duo – Jimmie.
Of the collaboration, Jimmie's Creative Director Jimmie Karlsson quoted – “We were absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Madonna’s team asking us to work with her on what is arguably the most highly televised sporting event in the United States, if not worldwide. Everyone involved have been absolutely great to work with and the attention to detail has been amazing. From being a fan growing up in Sweden and now seeing our piece on stage with Madonna has been incredibly surreal.
Company Director Martin Nihlmar shared similar sentiment: “The atmosphere watching Madonna carried out by an army of dancers on our creation – even from sitting at home in the UK felt utterly electric. We [Jimmie and I] both felt such a sense of gratification in terms of brand recognition and business growth from our humble beginnings. We owe her and her team a huge thank you, just for the experience we have had working on this!”