Collection: ERIC C.

A meeting between a painter, a model and a photographer... Vast in both time and space, The Painters Project is an ongoing collection of collaborations with painters to whom Belgian photographer Eric Ceccarini offers the canvas of some of the finest models he has worked with in his career.

For a number of these artists, the project offers a step into the dark, an escape into unknown territory. They have to settle into a new environment with unusual light and shadow and a canvas that is not just three-dimensional, but alive and sensitive. Movements and poses influence their strokes, and they must discover, adapt and finally tame this canvas with their brushes. Together, body and art become one to achieve the sublime.
Mixing the often distinct viewpoints of different disciplines and working together; blending different instruments, tools and angles is an uncommon approach, but extremely gratifying and exciting, and also contrary to the artist's eternal solitude, a mantra commonly echoed in the art world.

This unorthodox combination gives rise to marvellous and often surprising creations. The magic happens when the ephemeral, volatile nature of paint on human skin is forever captured by the lens and immortalized in the image.
Over a hundred encounters have already taken place with artists from the UK, Uruguay, Mauritius, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, the USA, China, Venezuela, Russia and many other countries around the world.