Collection: ZOHAR

Born in 1976 in working class family, Zohar discovered his artistic talent as a child when he painted to escape his every day harsh reality. Due to the difficult economic situation, he worked in factories to help with the family financial challenges and at night he would roam the streets and paint on the city walls of Tel Aviv. In the early 1990s, after several arrests for the drawing graffiti on public property, his parents insisted he takes his life seriously and find a profession that would provide him a livelihood.The dream of becoming an artist faded and the naughty boy grew up and earned a degree in optics to become an optician and to work with designer eye wear companies with great successes.

In 2016 after a heart attack, Zohar understood that he had to pursue him childhood dream of being an artist and as soon as he opened his new studio his vision was clear: creating a new three-dimensional art never experienced before through optical illusions. A new kind of 3D kinetic art.Inspired by popular culture artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Harring, Zohar creates colorful and fun works of art that include iconic symbols and elements of the pop art culture, cartoons and characters that influence our current lives. The great innovation in his art produces emotion and wonder. Using special materials and techniques, he creates an effect as if some elements are popping out of the artwork and a sense of depth in the background. The first reaction is to get close to touch but to find a flat surface.Zohar succeeded in his dream to become an artist and an innovator in the contemporary art world and by creating works of art that no person can remain indifferent to.