Collection: LIS S.

French artist Lis has very early a pronounced taste for creation... Self-taught from the Street Art culture, he first expressed his art through graffiti and drawings. His works take a more flowery turn when he incorporates roses into his universe. He quickly became known for his refined creations. It is with the desire to tell his story that he incorporates butterflies into his glass sculptures and paintings. It is also a way of symbolizing his personal ""rebirth"": from construction worker to international artist living on his passion. Butterflies are a sign of hope and prove that anything is possible. They are a hymn to FREEDOM. Taking a more contemporary artistic turn, optical art, Lis Sam developed her own technique for several years. His new works echo his long moments spent in butterfly greenhouses. Seeing them spinning in all directions, he imagined them freezing to form his favorite characters. Back in his studio, he began to bring his colorful portraits to life, which he then frames under museum glass, as if they were once again in a greenhouse. With the different play of light, and the distance at which we stand, everyone sees a UNIQUE canvas.