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TANC - Beige Automatic Writing

TANC - Beige Automatic Writing

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Technique: Spray and Acrylic on Canvas

Edition: Single copy

Certificate: A nominative certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist is issued

Size: 110 x 160cm

Information about the artist: Tanc's work bears the clear influence of abstract expressionist artists (the artist talks about Rothko, Pollock, Reinhardt, Hartung and especially Franz Kline are sources of inspiration in his practice). Tanc's practice reached a turning point: ever since his New York show at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, the artist left aside the colorful explosion that used to mark his paintings and is now more interested in nuances of black, lineary variations and automatic writing. This new direction evokes the work of Henri Michaux. Tanc is also a composer and certain notions from the electronic and experimental music inhabit his work, without any doubt; the obsession for rhythm and pulsation tend to produce an intense, fascinating painting with a unique vibrating dimension. He has shows in France regularly, but colorful or grey, his work has gained international prominence with exhibitions in Germany (Skalitzers Contemporary Art), in the UK (The French Art Studio), Morocco (David Bloch Gallery) or New York (Catherine Ahnell Gallery). He is one of the most promising artists of his generation.

Information about the artwork: While the manuscript nowadays tends to disappear, Tanc explores the aesthetic dimension of writing. Inspired by his high school years, when he took notes and produced pages as illegible as they seemed nice, he develops a system of automatic writing, executed entirely with spray paint, halfway between calligraphy and graffiti. The viewer may find meaning or even words, but the aim is not to read but feel the rhythm of writing. Large size and often monochrome works let perceive new forms, a new alphabet. We do not know if the writing goes from left to right or vice versa. Mid-abstract, semi-figurative, each piece is designed as a landscape, with an accumulation of lines that end up creating a horizon. Aided by glow and matte effects that gloss paint gives in some places on the canvas, this new series is about rhythm and frequencies, revealing a music in which the eye can get lost and escape.

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