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OLYA - Butterflies Unique Artwork

OLYA - Butterflies Unique Artwork

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Technique: Acrylic and gold leaf

Size: 140x120 cm

Edition: unique

Certificate of authenticity: provided 

Information : Olya, is a contemporary abstract artist from Belarus, Minsk. Art is an integral part of her life, as she has a degree in design/artistry and studied for 4 years at an art university. After her studies, she started her career in the field of contemporary art, participating in local exhibitions. She has been creating abstract paintings for 7 years. Her paintings have found buyers in many countries around the world, including America, Australia, Germany, England, the UAE, China, Japan, Switzerland, and others. Creating interior paintings brings Olya happiness, and it's a feeling that she wants to share with her clients. She pays attention to every detail and meticulously craft each piece. All her paintings are handmade using high-quality materials: cotton canvas on stretcher bars, acrylic paint, imitation gold, and texture paste.

Gold leaf is thin sheets of gold traditionally used for decorating icons and religious images. She has transferred this ancient technique into modern art, creating paintings that play with light and reflection, giving them a unique charm and depth.

Her works are a bold combination of classical technique with modern motifs and elements. She is not afraid to experiment with different materials and techniques, making each of her paintings unique. She often uses contrasting colors and geometric shapes, which, combined with brilliant gold leaf, create a sense of three-dimensionality and dynamism.

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