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NAOR - 40cm Green and Gold Rx Tribute Turtle

NAOR - 40cm Green and Gold Rx Tribute Turtle

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Technique: Chrome resin sculpture 

Certificate: signed 

Dimension : 40 cm. 4 kg 

Information : Naor is a French artist from Lyon born in 1988. Completely anchored in his time, he has always traveled a lot around the world. If travels form youth, Naor was inspired by it. From the top of his thirty years, he succeeded in retranscribing his observations, his feelings and his impressions. Thanks to his childlike supports, his contemporary details, he achieves a delicious harmony between softness and violence. This discrepancy constitutes his identity. Like life, marked by hardship, his works refer us to our own experiences. Finally, the use of luxury brands in a spirit of "Pop'art" allows him to pay homage or to denounce the way our societies function. Naor interprets the world with his child's eyes.

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