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JIMMIE M - Gold and Silver GIV “Naughty Angel”

JIMMIE M - Gold and Silver GIV “Naughty Angel”

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Collection: Naughty Angels 

Technique: Handmade Sculpture 

Edition: Unique piece 

Size : 40x29x25 cm / Customizable on demand 

Information about the artist: Jimmie is an established luxury brand and designer since 2004, based in London, United Kingdom. The duo, Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar are known for their hand painted pieces and furnitures. They are best known for transforming pieces of furniture into unique one-off pieces that become personal to clients. 

Information about the artwork: Vivid punk stylings and pop-art icons mixed with luxurious opulence. Naughty Angels are quirky and bold, fun and daring. From Karl Lagerfeld riding a skate board to Frida Kahlo covered in parrots. All Angles are hand painted and completely unique. Made-to-order and fully customisable. It takes 6 weeks to create an Angle in their West London workshop.

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