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DANIELA - White Marble Bear Design

DANIELA - White Marble Bear Design

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Technique: Biological and eco-friendly resine. Made out of natural elements such as a recycled egg shells, cashews, nut oil and soy beans. 

Size: 18 x 8 x 7 cm 

Weight: about 3kg

Limited Edition

Information: "Born in El Salvador, 1993. My passion and refuge has always been art, I have drawn, painted and created since as long I can remember. I have to admit after painting my whole life I was tired of the brush and convencional canvas. I studied in Spain a degree in Advertising and PR; after that I worked in an Ad Agency for 4 years, but I missed getting my hands dirty, creating, the process of having an idea, conceptualizing and bringing it to life. I didn’t want to go back to paint which I knew so well, I went to woodworking workshops, and that’s how I learned about resin and started experimenting with it. 

In the middle of the Pandemic, we where sent to work home-office and I decided To take the opportunity to follow my long-life dream of being and artist, I opened Up my account as a space to share all sorts of artwork created By myself, an art diary to record all of my creations. I started selling online and realized I didn’t need to open my store. I had waiting lists of +75 orders by the end of Christmas. The demand was so high I decided to leave my career job, and that was the best decision I could ever take , I have never been happier.

Art satisfies my mind, heart and soul.I started creating functional art pieces, designs that more than just looking prettyWhere an experience that you could enjoy every day. An artistic experience to share with your loved ones. In the last year I have extended my portfolio to wearable art, fashion and contemporary Art in general"
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