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CARLA C - Team Pink Flowers

CARLA C - Team Pink Flowers

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Technique : Leather box, leather eternal flowers. The flowers are hand handled and hand cut. They are all unique pieces made with high quality Italian Leather. The Flowers are made according to various modeling techniques. They are sealed in the box through epoxy resin. Mirror and wood base. Clear glass showcase.

Edition: Unique 

Size: 40 X 40 X 43 cm 

Information about the artwork: Each work symbolizes love in a gift of eternal flowers "for an eternal love" whether it is for ourselves, for someone we adore, or for the love of our lives.

Information about the Artist: Carla was born in Rome on 23 April 1998.

Since she was a child she has felt a strong artistic vocation and a great passion for fashion. For many years she searched for her way in the world of art through experimentation: cutting clothes, painting on canvas, writing...

The spark was ignited in 2019, while Carla was attending fashion school in her hometown, when she and her family, who have always collected vintage luxury handbags, began designing her own flowers starting with roses. The following year Carla learned modeling techniques as a self-taught, beginning to elaborate on her vision and bring her vocation to life.

Thus were born Carla's works, the perfect synthesis of her two great loves: handbags and nature's most precious gift: Flowers.

Always a collector of handbags, as a child Carla spent her days looking at them, studying them and adoring them . Influenced by the currents of the early 2000s, Carla acquired a unique romantic pop style.

Flowers are the other constant in her life and that of her family, the natural element that has always fascinated her. Roses as a gift from nature, as a gift for someone we love, as a gift for ourselves. Unfortunately short-lived.

Her creations are Carla's answer to this urgency: to stop time and make the love of bags and flowers eternal. Carla gives her works uniqueness, creating special and unique boxes that tell, each one, a new and unrepeatable story.

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