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ALEX L - White Polar Bear

ALEX L - White Polar Bear

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Boned Project - White Polar Bear Sculpture 

Technique:  Gold Brass + black steel stand

Size: 45 x 27  x 23 cm

Edition: Limited edition of 30

Information: "We cannot live healthy on a sick planet”.

It is time to act differently and responsibly because our actions will depend on the conservation of life on earth. Let's change our relationship with the living and demand real protection of biodiversity now. At BONED, 20% of our net profits are donated to the best association for the protection & conservation of each selected species (Dian Fossey's Gorilla Fund International, Panthera... and also WWF, David Shepherd Willdlife Foundation...). We provide vital support to ensure the survival of some of the last populations of endangered species. We are committed to the brave men and women who work on the front lines of conservation to ensure the recovery of wildlife. We will help fight wildlife crime at its source and provide viable solutions…

BONED is a limited edition sculpture of skulls of critically endangered species. Each skull has been 3D HD scanned from a collection of 1:1 scale museum quality replicas. Each piece is made of brass (recycled copper and zinc) and produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces each (except the crocodile which was a starting test).

Skulls symbolize many things across different cultures: strength, resurrection, intelligence, protection, and warnings of danger. Each skull is fundamental in its support and structure, and also vulnerable because it is stripped and exposed. It represents the beautiful creature it came from, and also carries dignity in its weight and stillness. Each is a witness to their beauty and value.

We believe that those who protect and save animals lead the way to protect and save humanity! “It is time to respond to the SOS launched by nature. To ignore it is to risk the future of almost 8 billion people. 

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