Collection: MAT B.

Mat says: “After 27 years working in the photographic industry, helping people and their businesses achieve their photographic goals and having unlimited access to a variety of cameras for personal work, I finally decided to practice what I’ve preached all these years and showcase my own work” 

“For me photography is much more than just adventure of getting out to the wild and sometimes very remote places, more than capturing those special family memories and seeing the smiles that come from them seeing your images. More than winning awards for your creation and more than just absolute joy of the process from capture to print. For me it is also the lifelong connection to people who share this passion that comes from photography. The friends (family!) and people who i have grown up with together in the industry that have remained friends, to meeting new people just starting their photographic journey, it is this friendship and bond that makes photography more than just capturing great images. It is an amazing community that i hope continues to nurture this essence, grow and always thrive.”