Collection: MARC P.

Marc born in England, grew up in Italy till his majority and after a brief stay back in England left for Holland where he lived 10 years before going back to Milan to become a fashion photographer. His work naturally took him to London and Paris. Once settled in France his curosity from antiques to modern design drove him to start as an art dealer which eventually brought him to design his own furniture and at the same time it inevitably took him back to painting. 'Back to painting' , for Marc started in his teens and what once was his favorite past time and pleasure is now devotion. Self-taught, his school was the constant contact with his work which led him to admire 18th century to the Art Deco period in design; from Renaissance up untill late modernism in painting, pausing through impressionism, his favorite period. « The most important, is that my work is not related to an artist or time period, that what I do is 'Marc'; to innovate and not to follow. My signature is in my painting »."