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LNG a self-taught French artist, made a name for herself under the influence of LNG. Already bathed in field of the arts after having spent 30 years in the world of fashion, she embarked on the production of works personal. Far from catwalks, stylists and models, his artistic universe is however not without recall glamor and rhinestones.
These experiences, as diverse as they are often unprecedented, have enabled him to acquire the necessary tools to venture independently into the design and production of their own works. Each of them are original and marked by the artist's desire to produce made in France, with his own hands between the walls of his studio.
Artistic process
It is with a very meticulous mastery of each of the design stages that she obtains a final result. unique in all skill. From graphic design, through the machining of its supports, printing hot metal until the assembly of the painting, it is a whole process generated by these different techniques, which allow him to obtain these two-part paintings, animated and alive. Through this professionalism applied to the technique, LNG manages to touch the amplitude of an art that it now makes its own. A harmonious crossbreeding from different essential artistic currents.
Technical process
Wandering around in space leads to touching this astonishing feeling: surprise! This is cleverly orchestrated using a technical process based on the printing of two visuals, directly on plates of metal. Then cut into strips, their positioning in the frame that supports them does not make them noticeable only from a certain angle.
Colors and contrasts
Light also happens to be an element inherent in the possibility of this encounter. The choice of metal and the integration of a lively and dynamic color palette fully participates in a rendering that exalts a certain joy of living. This effect is particularly reinforced in the works where “black and white” makes its appearance. The luminous contrasts are all the more accentuated without having the need to use a visual subterfuge such as neon lights or leds to give them substance.

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