Collection: FIFAX

Fifax is a painter born in 1962 in Paris. Self-taught painter, he draws since childhood, inspired by the novels of Jules Verne. His artistic universe feeds on his travels, especially in the United States. His figurative paintings are located at the border between reality and imagination. As he does not claim to have any school, he readily recognizes several influences, as diverse as those of Vermeer or Constable. He takes up space and defies the laws of physics to create a universe without constraint. When the glass towers alongside the brick buildings, when their height defies the pedestrians, Fifax is invaded of this urban atmosphere to restore us unusual sights.The architectural works of Gustave Eiffel are known throughout the world, in particular the Eiffel Tower. These pieces are pieces of history.
His descendants including his great-great-grandson, Philippe Couperie Eiffel has the right to recover each piece when a monument of Gustave Eiffel is restored or destroyed Philippe Couperie Eiffel and the artist Fifax, had the brilliant idea of ​​rehabilitating them into a work of art.