Collection: FALCONE

Falcone is a self-taught designer and artist whose roots are firmly anchored in the history of art.
The art foundation of his grandfather, who was passionate about geometric and kinetic artworks, was his childhood playground. The unstructured paintings of Carmelo Arden Quin intrigued him, and he played with the reliefs of Agam and Soto. Circles and squares which are endlessly sustained by form and colour lead him to go further and multiply the image endlessly. His tools are neon, plexiglass, LEDs and mirrors. Isn’t art a kind of illusion? So why not an optical illusion. Let’s allow him to draw us into this world of light, colour, depth and reflection.
Falcone likes to stimulate participation by spectators and seeks to change their perception as they move around. He then takes over the space and transports you into his world of light and color.