Collection: DANIEL L.

Growing up around the lush flora of Costa Rica’s rural landscape, Daniel has always had an affinity for nature, and exploring the different ways we can use natural materials in art. From kickstarting his career as a wood sculptor, transforming tropical woods (that he would source from local rainforests) into impressive sculptures with intricate and organic shapes, Daniel’s imagination eventually lead him to working with flowers; and in particular homegrown roses from Costa Rica, that could be used for decorative purposes and as floral works of art.

Today, Daniel’s vision emerges in the form of modern-meets-pop culture floral canvases, compromised of dozens of dried roses intricately layered to create textured and bold compositions. His creative process starts with harvesting and meticulously preserving the roses with a floral treatment, followed by painting and carefully arranging them in order to depict iconic scenes from popular culture. The final result is stunning, multi-dimensional artworks that bring to life the subject matter in a unique and captivating way. Each of Daniel’s pieces are a testament to his creativity as an artist, and ability to transform simple natural materials into works of art. His creations not only serve as decoration for your home, but give a new purpose to flowers, that can be used for creative practices and appreciated all-year round.