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JEAN P K - Red Ferrari

JEAN P K - Red Ferrari

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Technique:  Lasercut Aluminium, handmade

Size: 80 x 31 x 19 cm 

Weight: 14kg

Edition: Limited edition of 8 

Certificate: Signed work, and comes with a certificate of authenticity

Information: Jean's meticulous attention to detail, talent and imagination transform these metal surfaces into veritable objects of contemporary art.

His refined works are a veritable ode to the powerful, authentic nature of his birthplace: "North Kivu".

Attracted by materials and mechanics, the budding artist's hands can't stay still. When, as a teenager, he discovered welding and metalworking, it was a revelation that took possession of his being: he became a recognized expert in the field.

The European dream had been in the pipeline for years. In the 2000s, he decided to take the plunge and settle in Belgium, where he perfected his technique with the best, gaining recognition from his peers and the most demanding enthusiasts.
His creations are characterized by organic, elegant and generous curves.
Technical mastery combined with extreme meticulousness transform metal into masterful creations of contemporary art.


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